15017 Free AIDS SMS initiative is a public-private project that harnesses telephone technology to fill Health/HIV/AIDS information gap and improve adherence and uptake of VMMC and ART in Tanzania. 15017 free SMS for HIV and AIDS Helpline are TAYOA projects, which uses mobile technology to support the HIV prevention effort in Tanzania.

TAYOA has teamed up with Ministry of Communication Science and Technology, Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority and Telephone Companies operating in Tanzania in implementing the ‘15017 Free AIDS SMS’ project in Tanzania

Realizing the fact that telephone companies are making money from things like love SMS, ringtones and picture downloads, there are very few socially relevant or Health Services provided by cell phone companies. That is why 15017 free SMS for HIV & 117 AIDS Helpline projects are designed to utilize the opportunity & explore how a range of cell phone services can be utilized for Health/HIV/AIDS services that are of great impact to people infected or affected by HIV.

The Major focuses of 15017 free SMS for HIV & 117 AIDS Helpline are;

  • Mass messaging for prevention and service uptake;
  • Mass information for positive living;
  • Linking patients and clinics;
  • Peer-peer support and counselling;
  • Building organizational capacity of HIV-related organizations;
  • HIV prevention activities monitoring and evaluation feedback.

Notable 15017 Successes since 2011 to date;

  • More than 46,000,000 SMS on Gender Based Violence (GBV), Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) Voluntary Men Medical Circumcision (VMMC) has been sent, HIV Prevention Care and Treatment.
  • Responding to the experience learned TAYOA has developed another SMS system for other services (like employability, education, governance and democracy)
  • TAYOA has developed the system to remind client of clinic appointments & availability of new HIV related services.