The Project focuses on maintaining and strengthening the provision of integrated HIV care and support for HIV-infected clients and their families through promotion of healthy behaviors, reduced sexual risk behaviors and demand creation for preventive services focusing on Couple HIV Testing &Counseling,VMMC,ART,EMTCT and gender-based violence and coercion related to HIV/AIDS.

Results/Achievements: Before the demand creation intervention, only 7.1% of men circumcised were 20years and above during the two-year period from Oct 2010 – Sep 2012. During the nine-month intervention period (Oct 2012–Jun2013), a total of 63,873 men and boys were circumcised. In quarter one of the project, 22% (5,054) were 20 years or older; this proportion rose to 28% (5,364) in quarter two and 32% (6,968) in quarter three for an overall increase of 25%. As further evidence of the intervention’s effectiveness, during the third quarter, 29% (6,382) of clients were referred to the VMMC services by TAYOASMS. Also, TAYOA has worked with Shinyanga Region Police Hospital to establish One-Stop Center for GBV to provide concrete, sustainable and effective services to victims of SGBV, conducted helpline counseling, awareness-raising and educational campaigns on SGBV, VMMC, ART, EMTCT, and Couple HTC, supported the implementation of perpetrator’s therapeutic programs for offenders of domestic violence that aimed to reduce the incidences of domestic violence; and strengthened the understanding of the needs of victims through SMS technology, training, and public events.