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Condom Programming

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Although there is evidence of increased condom awareness and acceptance as a tool for preventing HIV, STI and unwanted pregnancies, the country’s efforts to promote appropriate use of condoms has been hindered by inconsistent availability, limited access of male and female condoms.

TAYOA being a member of the multi sectoral condom TWG has been a strong advocate for condom promotion, through implementation of SBCC for condom, condom negotiation skills and supporting condom distribution to young people and KVPs through peer networks.

Condom promotion is a central element in TAYOA’sHIV prevention package and has been integrated in outreach, Helpline and SMS activities. To facilitate condom availability, through the GFATM 2018-2020, the TIMIZA MALENGO project, implemented a community based condom dispenser intervention aiming at supporting stakeholders’ recommendation to move condoms out of health facilities; since medicalizing condom distribution was seen as an unsuccessful strategy.

It is based on this premise that GFATM supported TIMIZA MALENGO Program introduced the Installment of Condom Dispensers in hotspots to enhance the availability and accessibility of condoms at community level. Under TIMIZA MALENGO, TAYOA working with AMREF, installed 5,000 dispensers and by June 2020; 1,759,881 condoms had been distributed through this channel. Following successful implementation of this activity, TAYOA has received additional funds from GFATM through PR1, to procure and install 35,000 dispensers in 12 regions

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