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TAYOA’s HCD Innovative Demand Creation for VMMC

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IntraHealth’s Tohara Plus Project leads a consortium that includes two local partners—the Tanzania Youth Alliance (TAYOA) and IntraHealth’s local affiliate, AFYA Plus—as it trains more health workers to provide high-quality circumcision services safely and efficiently. Together with the government of Tanzania, we will work to reach 80% male circumcision prevalence in 16 targeted districts by 2020.

TAYOA has adopted Human-centered design in technologies as a creative approach to problem-solving that starts with men as the people we’re designing for and ends with new solutions that are tailor made to suit their needs.

TAYOA is using technologies embedded with aspects of Human Centered Design to create movement of adult men through three phase of a man journey to VMMC.

HCD approach embedded in all innovative technologies

TAYOA scale up demand creation activities by developing and implementing human-centered design demand creation packages that overcome socio-economic and cultural barriers to increase uptake of VMMC services among adult men.
TAYOA will empower Popular Opinion Leaders (POLs) to reach out to adult men peers and friends of peers adult men 25-29 years.
POLs implement HCD approach embedded in all innovative technologies including helpline, IVR and audio players to address adult men barrier including lack of benefit, relevance, anticipated pain, anticipated loss, distrust, uncertainty and anticipated shame.
POLs employ evidence-based context specific communication approaches to educate communities about the HIV prevention, hygienic and other benefits.
TAYOA adopt HCD approach in contents development that will be categorized between adolescents and adult men and prioritize adult men in need of VMMC services.
TAYOA also develop Tohara mobile app to carry men through three phases of a man’s journey to VMMC services, so that men in each phase can be quickly identified by community mobilizers using interactive SMS system, and thus reached more effectively by interpersonal communication (IPC).
IPC promote VMMC as an evidence based intervention that reduces the risk of STI and HIV prevention, ensure hygiene and other benefits.
TAYOA use Tohora mobile application, interactive message, IVR and audio visual to understand barriers and motivators so as to engage men in finding solutions through storyboards for adult men journey to VMMC, from start to finish