Conducting peer led interpersonal communication and group risk reduction sessions


This is a routine activity where every peer educator in the community conducts sessions to ensure SBCC knowledge is given among her peer groups (AGYW) around her village. Peer educators mobilizes her fellow AGYW and meet in the village office for training sessions and peer educator has given to reach out 10 AGYW in groups in each month within specific quarterly period. The Villages executive officer/Chairperson assisted peer educators to spread information across the villages and ensure target AGYW occupied with the information ready for the sessions. The AGYW in group meet together in the village office and peer educators provide different sessions which cover health related topics such as early sexual debut, comprehensive knowledge on correct and consistence use of condoms, risk of HIV infections, combination prevention services utilization and the use of M-health services such as free helpline call 117 and text messages 15017. During peer led sessions, peer educators adopted different approaches to ensure conveying skills to their fellow AGYW such as question and answers, lecturing and story talking.


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